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These Hands Massage
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Massage School Wausau
These Hands offers traditional & specialty massage, NLP, school of massage, reflexology & more!
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Hello and welcome to These Hands! I'm Jenifer, the proud owner and founder of this family-owned business with a rich 25-year history. Inspired by the lyrics of Jewel's song 'Hands,' we're committed to guiding you toward becoming the best version of yourself both physically and mentally.​


My journey with These Hands started in 1999 while attending massage school. As demand for my services increased, the need for expansion became evident. From there, These Hands Massage was established, offering a place for talented massage therapists to develop their own practices.


​Over the years, my passion for holistic well-being deepened, leading me to discover the intricate connection between the mind and body. Recognizing the need for comprehensive solutions, I delved into Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help individuals release mental, physical, and emotional burdens.​


Today, I am dedicated to hosting events that empower people to break free from limitations. These gatherings focus on the transformative power of NLP, guiding participants toward emotional liberation.​


Beyond events, my mission extends to nurturing future practitioners through the These Hands School of Massage. As the proud owner of the school, I share my love for holistic wellness and ensuring that students feel heard, seen, and valued in the learning environment while working towards their goals.​

Warm regards,


Owner, These Hands Massage, These Hands Mind Massage & These Hands School of Massage


Wellness Events
This training was amazing! Jenifer has a big heart and you can tell that she really wants to help people. I took away so much from this training not only to help every aspect of my own life, but to help other people. I really do look forward to getting more training on this and learning even more!

Tara L.


Wausau Massage School

I attended the accelerated program in 2023. Jenifers extensive knowledge of hands-on techniques has been incredibly beneficial now that I'm practicing independently. We didn't just stick to the basics like Swedish Massage; Jenifer taught us a variety of techniques for different ailments. She's always updating her skills through continuing education, ensuring we get the latest information. Even after graduation, Jenifer is there to answer questions and offer additional specialized techniques. She truly goes above and beyond for her students. If you're willing to put in the effort, I highly recommend this school for a rewarding career and the chance to meet wonderful people!

Amy S.

Massage Near Me
Jennifer gives the most healing and wonderful massage I’ve ever experienced, and I’ve had massages in Chicago, NY, Mexico, Bahamas, and Chile! Her hands somehow discover all the spots that need her loving attention. My 3 top reasons for living in Wausau: (1) family (2) Nature (3) These Hands!!

Patricia B.


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